The daughter has two children from two marriages (second – civilian). I dispersed twice, left alone. At her request, I left work and look at the children, but still she is unhappy with me (even though I do not wait for an assessment). My father and I suggested renting a larger apartment and live together, but she categorically refused and moved away. It reacts aggressively to any remark and even began to dissolve her hands (and she is physically stronger). I drove into my head that we do not love her. I understand that she has depression, she diverged with her husband just a month ago, but I don’t know how to fix it all. What is happening painfully hits my pride, and therefore I sacrifice my time and the opportunity to earn. My husband and I live in a rented apartment, but I can’t leave my daughter and refuse to look at the little grandson: she has a mortgage, I have to pay for the apartment, which means work. But how to explain to her that you can’t raise a hand on me? Or just silently forgive? What to do next?

Saria, what is happening now, have deep reasons. Raising his hand to another, a person thereby shows his attitude towards him. Apparently, in the process of education, your daughter felt her superiority, superiority over you. Perhaps for many years you put her interests above your own, neglected your feelings and desires, pushed back your needs for the sake of your daughter. Her behavior difficultly reflects your attitude to herself.

I’ll try to analyze the situation. Most likely, your daughter is about thirty, she is quite a mature person. The first marriage failed, this happens. The second relationship ended with the birth of a second child, with whom, as I understand it, the father does not help. Entering this relationship, the daughter had to not only think about her desires, but also take into account the interests of the first child, his needs.

Civil marriage is cohabitation without obligations. It turns out that your daughter does not know how to weigh the facts, plan and evaluate the consequences of her desires and actions. What are her actions based on? How she decided to take a mortgage if she does not have financial stability? What she was counting on? Does she give you and your husband money, does it help financially? I think no. It turns out that you were hired without a salary. Why was she sure that you would agree to sacrifice your life for her? When she entered into a relationship with men, whether she asked your advice?

You write that your daughter has depression due to the fact that she broke up with her partner. Who diagnosed her? If she needs medical care, you need to contact specialists. Her rudeness is similar to the breakdown of a small child whose desires are not fulfilled. The world does not play according to its rules, so it is necessary to hit the one who previously showed that all whims are performed. It is difficult to stop her, because she does not see a person in you. And the saddest is the “boomerang of https://vanbox.pt/media/pgs/cialis-generico_15.html education”.

No matter how difficult the situation is, only by reviewing the attitude towards yourself, your rights, health, you decide to develop a new tactic in relations with your daughter. You have grown your daughter and no longer have to help her. The basis of support should only be your desire.

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