“The daughter requires help with her grandson and raises his hand at me”

The daughter has two children from two marriages (second – civilian). I dispersed twice, left alone. At her request, I left work and look at the children, but still she is unhappy with me (even though I do not wait for an assessment). My father and I suggested renting a larger apartment and live together, […]

10 of the most unsuccessful reasons to remain friends with the former

Many couples try to remain friends after parting. Is it possible to maintain friendly relations, largely depends on what motives we are guided by. Here are the reasons why this will not work. Research shows that former lovers are much worse for a friendly union than friends who have never had sexual communications. Trying to […]

How to turn from neighbors again into spouses: 5 steps to family happiness

Lovers, marriage, believe that warmth and proximity will always be between them. But life is able to turn loving spouses into neighbors who together carry household service. Divorce is inevitable or the previous passion and tenderness can be returned? After the conclusion of the marriage union, new life tasks are faced with the couple: house, […]